Making Traveling Plans for Lesbians

So you probably already know that traveling kind of sucks for most lesbians. I haven’t been kicked out of any place for having a girlfriend (yet), and even though we don’t kiss in public, I feel like if I smile too much or give away that we are together, venue¬†owners will treat us poorly and ruin the experience.

With this being the case, I try to find activities, restaurants, and hotels that are lesbian friendly but it can be really hard. When I search online, however, I mostly find info about gay cruises and cool  bars.

Though cruises and bars are awesome, I really like adventures. I want to go to national parks and unique local venues. I want to go to places that locals consider a reason to live there. So I will continue to research about places before I go, but I thought that you would appreciate the lesbian lowdown for when you go to places I have already been.

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