3 Ways to Meet Other Lesbians on Vacation

If you are looking for tips about finding someone who will keep you warm at night on vacation, try looking somewhere else. Instead, I will focus on finding fellow Lesbians to enjoy their company, share stories and go out for drinks. Wouldn't it be great to make more lesbian friends that you could meet up with for future vacations?

Finding fellow lesbians in locations you are less familiar with, which is common for most vacation spots, is not an easy task, as you may have figured. However, I asked around and researched how other lesbians do it, and I have accumulated what I think will bring you the most success.


1. Go to LGBT supporting restaurants and bars

With more and more LGBT people coming "out" and creating communities around the world, it has become more common to find lists of Businesses that support LGBT communities. Often times you can search on your favorite internet browser for LGBT restaurants or LGBT hangout areas in "x" area.

There are tons of websites that have already built a great archive of places and reviews. One place I used to help for an upcoming trip that Meg and I are going on is called GayCities.com


2. Go to Local Facebook groups and see if there are any activities or common places to hang out

Social media is a great platform to find local groups and hangouts for lesbians. I have met so many people and gone to so many events that I would have never known about if I didn't take the time to check Facebook. I suggest checking in advance so that you can make any necessary adjustments to your travel plans if needed.

3. Try out Dating Sites - Status: Just looking for friends while I am in town

I was surprised to hear that dating sites and apps such as Tinder are so common for people looking for "just friends" and people in local areas. I have yet to try this, but I am planning on trying it with my Fiance during our next trip in a couple of weeks.

I didn't understand till now, but I finally know why some people are on dating sites when they just want friends, especially if they are from out of town. There is so much exposure and it is super easy to get a locals perspective for the local lesbian scene when you are asking the local lesbians.


What about You?

Have you tried using Dating sites? Any luck? What about your tips for finding the Lesbian scene on vacation? Let us know in the comments below

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Should you Share a Lesbian Travel Blog With your Straight Friends?

A question I asked myself recently is:

Should I share this blog with my straight friends, or more importantly, should I share this blog with my non-supportive parents?share-image

As you can imagine, that question can be very difficult, especially if you feel that you want your friends and family to understand that the fact my Girlfriend is very important to me, but there is more to my life than just being a lesbian.pros_cons

So, in order to decide whether or not to share a lesbian travel blog with your straight friends I put together a pros and cons list to get started.

Pro – The people you share this blog with will be able to enjoy all of the content you do

Con – Some of the content, like this article, is geared more toward lesbians and they may not connect to it the same way we do.

Pro – This blog help you connect with your straight friends and family as a lesbian

Con – Your friends or family may judge you for following (or writing, in my case) a lesbian blog

Pro – Lesbians know how to vacation! The whole world would be better if they took some advice from a lesbian traveler

Con – It looks like this list is shorter than I thought it would be – the decision seems obvious to me.

What do you think, anything to add to this pros and cons list?

Share this blog with your family and friends! Ask them what they think too

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Making Traveling Plans for Lesbians

So you probably already know that traveling kind of sucks for most lesbians. I haven’t been kicked out of any place for having a girlfriend (yet), and even though we don’t kiss in public, I feel like if I smile too much or give away that we are together, venue owners will treat us poorly and ruin the experience.

With this being the case, I try to find activities, restaurants, and hotels that are lesbian friendly but it can be really hard. When I search online, however, I mostly find info about gay cruises and cool  bars.

Though cruises and bars are awesome, I really like adventures. I want to go to national parks and unique local venues. I want to go to places that locals consider a reason to live there. So I will continue to research about places before I go, but I thought that you would appreciate the lesbian lowdown for when you go to places I have already been.

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