Being a Local Lesbians

There are two new employees as of this week that I work with. At first I thought they were intentionally ignoring me (and they may have been doing just that) but I have been inviting them to shadow different tasks that I accomplished an now they seem more open.

It is always an interesting “test” to see how they treat me after they learn that I am a lesbian. It probably would have been months before it came up in conversation, but my fiance works in the same place as me and her team is pretty close to mine so while I was out of the office, my co-workers that I have been working with for the last year pointed out who my fiance was.
My new co-worker Jeb was pretty nice, which I was a bit surprised by because he seems to be a di-hard Mormon and the Mormon’s around here are vocally judgmental about same-sex interest/marriage. Not to say anything against the Mormons – I grew up Mormon. There is just a culture here that invites people to point out or tell you that the way you are is wrong and that “you would be happier if you converted to the Mormon faith and married a man in a temple”

Honestly, if you aren’t a local lesbian living in Utah County UT, you would be surprised how often I hear that from strangers and people who used to be my friend.

As you can imagine, you become a little numb to criticism and rude behavior but it is still nerve-racking when we go on vacations because it is a new place and I don’t know what to expect.

It is kind of hopeful to see those reactions around here for when I travel to new places. If this area is getting better, than I am sure other places in the world are too.

Luckily this month I am going to California, one of the most excepting states in the U.S. I will definitely update you with how people treated us in the San Francisco museum and the local area. I am sure it will be great.

Do you have any expereinces

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