3 Reasons Traveling Makes Me Smarter

So many people say that traveling is worth the time and money, but what does it mean to be worth it? When it comes to traveling, you get smarter and even find more enjoyment in life. Here are 3 reasons that are responsible for me to keep traveling.


Reason 1: I can be super ignorant

The way people look at life and experience life is often times very different than the way I do. I grew up moving to a different school every few years but I still depended on my parents and church to teach me how to look at the world. It wasn’t till college when I became exposed to other ways of thinking without the “guidance” of my parents that I realized how ignorant I am.

The truth is, that unless you take the time in other cultures and strive to understand the perspective of others, you really don’t see the world as others do. Your lack of understanding and the huge personal filter you put on things such as mannerisms and beliefs make you ignorant. Once I started to see things from different peoples perspectives and striving to remove my personal filter, I realized I am ignorant. So I travel to become more aware of my ignorance and gives me a direction to decrease my ignorance and become more aware of the world I live in.

rocky-mountainsReason 2: I need a bigger fish bowl

A common practice for fish owners is to control the size of their fish by using a specific size tank. The smaller the fish bowl is, the smaller the fish will remain. If you put the fish into a bigger tank, then it will grow to fit the new environment you give it.

This may seem silly, but I don’t want to be a small fish, I want to be one of the big fish. I can go to school all my life, but unless I actually go out and live, my fish tank wont get any bigger. The more I see of the world, the more I will be able to grow and fit the knowledge and experiences of world travel.

Reason 3:  I meet new people who solve problems differently

From my experience, solving problems isn’t the only way to look at life. In fact, I was surprised to learn how so many people don’t look at problems as a challenge to solve. Some things are just not meant to be solved. The thing about that for me though, is that I get a great satisfaction from solving problems, or at least coming up with a great solution.

When I talk to people or ask them questions, it is usually strangers or people from a different “realm” of thinking that provide me with the perfect “out-of-the-box” solutions. Don’t get the wrong impression, I don’t go around asking people for solutions, but when I talk to them about what they love to do, or what makes them think, it opens my mind to new ways of thinking. It is like traveling to a part of my brain that I have never been before, and in that space I find the perfect solution.

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