Should You Propose to Your Girlfriend on Vacation

The idea of proposing on vacation has probably come up in your mind, one or two times, but should you? In reality this is going to be case by case, person to person decision but here are some ideas to get your mind thinking.

1.    Is she expecting you to propose? Have you talked about marriage?

I know a surprise can be exciting but try to be as sure as possible that she will say yes before you ask the question. This is an important process to go through because you want to make sure that if you ask her, she doesn’t feel “forced” into any decision. Another thing to keep in mind, is that if she says no, will that ruin the rest of the vacation?

2.    Is there a time or a place on your vacation that a proposal would fit?

Creating a stressful situation is not an ideal proposal. One way to help a proposal to be as enjoyable as possible, is to make sure it fits into the itinerary. Yes, you can “fit-it-in” and you can “make it work” but how about trying to give yourself additional time for things so you don’t feel rushed.

3.    Do you have time and money for a ring and vacation?

If you have the money for both, awesome, that makes that part of the question easy. Time on the other hand, may be a little more complicated. For example, your girlfriend may want to pick out the ring or you may want to get I custom made, or engraved on. Whatever you decide to get, make sure that you will get it before the vacation begins.

How do you plan on proposing to your girlfriend? Are you doing it on vacation? Comment to give other readers ideas for proposing.

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