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Concerns About Teaching English in Korea

Why Teach English in Korea

Meg and I have decided that before we go to Australia for a few months, we should pay off school debt so we are going to teach English in Korea.

Teaching English in Korea is really common for people who are looking to pay off debt because they pay for housing so your expenses can be minimal and the pay is decent.

Of coarse paying off debt is more like the reason we tell our parents so they feel OK going along with it. Korea is so different from America and it is a culture that we wouldn’t be able to experience as simple tourist. Working along side Koreans and not only learning the language but also becoming part of their culture is something that Meg and I feel very rewarded by.

Learning the Language

The language learning is more of my thing because I want to fluently speak at least five different languages, but I know Meg will catch on to the language quickly, and maybe even faster than me.

Being Married to another Woman

One thing I am a little worried about is the LGBT community. Everything I have read says that Korea is a bit behind when it comes to same-sex marriages. I don’t know if we are going to be safe being openly gay so we may need to be a little more discreet out in public.

Vlogging and Blogging

I want to vlog and blog with Meg while I am over there, so I need to make sure that we will still be safe if people recognize us. The first thing I am doing to ensure we will be safe, is to learn more about the experiences of people who are openly LGBT in Korea. Hopefully with their insight, we will be able to learn how to go about it in a safe manner.

What is your experience teaching English in Korea or other countries? Share your insights in the comments below.

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