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3 Ways to Meet Other Lesbians on Vacation

If you are looking for tips about finding someone who will keep you warm at night on vacation, try looking somewhere else. Instead, I will focus on finding fellow Lesbians to enjoy their company, share stories and go out for drinks. Wouldn't it be great to make more lesbian friends that you could meet up with for future vacations?

Finding fellow lesbians in locations you are less familiar with, which is common for most vacation spots, is not an easy task, as you may have figured. However, I asked around and researched how other lesbians do it, and I have accumulated what I think will bring you the most success.


1. Go to LGBT supporting restaurants and bars

With more and more LGBT people coming "out" and creating communities around the world, it has become more common to find lists of Businesses that support LGBT communities. Often times you can search on your favorite internet browser for LGBT restaurants or LGBT hangout areas in "x" area.

There are tons of websites that have already built a great archive of places and reviews. One place I used to help for an upcoming trip that Meg and I are going on is called


2. Go to Local Facebook groups and see if there are any activities or common places to hang out

Social media is a great platform to find local groups and hangouts for lesbians. I have met so many people and gone to so many events that I would have never known about if I didn't take the time to check Facebook. I suggest checking in advance so that you can make any necessary adjustments to your travel plans if needed.

3. Try out Dating Sites - Status: Just looking for friends while I am in town

I was surprised to hear that dating sites and apps such as Tinder are so common for people looking for "just friends" and people in local areas. I have yet to try this, but I am planning on trying it with my Fiance during our next trip in a couple of weeks.

I didn't understand till now, but I finally know why some people are on dating sites when they just want friends, especially if they are from out of town. There is so much exposure and it is super easy to get a locals perspective for the local lesbian scene when you are asking the local lesbians.


What about You?

Have you tried using Dating sites? Any luck? What about your tips for finding the Lesbian scene on vacation? Let us know in the comments below

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How I Use Airbnb to Fund your Travels

I recently started hosting on Airbnb and quickly realized that with a few tricks I learned in marketing classes, I can fund my travels pretty easy. You don’t necessarily need the fanciest place to be successful on Airbnb, you just need to provide a clean space that meets guest needs when they need it.

In order to help you get your travels funded by Airbnb, I included a few tips I picked up from marketing classes that may help you get more guest and fund your traveling.

Tip 1: Create a space that fits your target guest.

If you are offering a shack, then don’t try and dress it up as a mansion. This will help guest feel like you are deliveringsurf-shack-airbnb what you said you would, and will
also help potential guest feel at ease that you aren’t over promising.

If you aren’t sure who your target guest is, than try this; analyze yourself. People who will enjoy living in your space are probably similar to you because you already live there, and hopefully you enjoy your living space.

Now that you have identified yourself as a target guest, analyze what you love or hate about your space. Do you have great natural lighting, maybe a great location or a giant bathroom? What ever it is, sell it.  As for what you hate about your space, maybe you need to decorate, or get new pillows. Find solutions that would make you love your space and invest some time and a little money to make it happen.

airbnb-appTip 2: Research your competition – other local Airbnb listings

The fact that you have competition is a good. It means that there is a market in your area for Airbnb, and it also
means you have something to compare yourself to.

There isn’t any point to comparing yourself to a mansion if you live in a shack because they are outside of your target market. Instead, pay attention to the competition that is similar to yours, or slightly “better.”

When you compare your listing to others near you, look at the photos, the descriptions, the ratings and the comments. Find what you like about their listings and see how you can incorporate them into your own space and listing. Also pay attention to who is getting the most bookings and see if there is something you can adjust – maybe your prices or restrictions for applying.

Tip 3: Add “Icing on the cake” with your photosbed

You already know that a picture speaks a thousand words, but more importantly, you have to convince someone to click on your listing within 2 seconds of being seen or your listing will just be scrolled past.

In addition to good lighting and high definition, you also have to look at the composition of your photos. With each of your photos, put “icing on the cake.” Many successful Airbnb gurus suggest that staging a room, for example putting a bottle of wine with a cheese plate on the bed for your picture, will be the icing on the cake that results in more clicks to your listing and in consequence, more visitors booking.

Do you have some tips that you would like to share as well? Please comment below with your suggestions – your tip may be just what someone needs to start paying for their travel and vacation!

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Don’t Believe Anyone Who Says Vacation Isn’t Stressful

It is true that some people stress and worry about vacations more than others, but there is always some level of stress when it comes to vacations. Stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, stress can produce hormones that you need to stay safe or even just give you the energy you need to get back to your hotel after a long day.

However, if you are anything like me, then you understand that vacations are to relax and leave the stress at home.

A thorough plan will help prevent stress

One way to decrease the amount of stress you go through is to plan your trip thoroughly with everyone that is going on the trip in advance. For me, planning the trip is the most stressful part, but it will help prevent stress while you are actually on the trip.

I wish sometimes that I could just pick-up and go on vacation without a moment’s notice, but in reality we have to plan where we are going, when we are going, what we are going to eat, and what we are going to do.

By going through this planning process, you will more likely feel “in control” during the trip and “on the same page” with everyone that is there with you and in turn have less stress.

Plan your vacation with flexibility

As I mentioned above, having a thorough plan will help prevent stress, but you also have to create a plan that allows for flexibility. Weather, car problems, delayed flights, closed restaurants and sickness can create stress, but that level of stress can be greatly decreased if you are flexible with your plans.

Be ok with change

Not everyone is ok with change in plans and it can cause stress. Meg for example hates it when I want to change or add things to our plans. She was expecting the trip to go one way and by me changing it, she has to change her expectations and that is stressful for her.

Honestly, it isn’t as easy as just saying “be ok with change,” but if you plan for changes, then it will be a lot easier to deal with.

On the other hand, be aware of who you are vacationing with and avoid causing changes if the people you are with don’t like change.

What do you do?

Everyone handles stress differently, and I have shown you some ways that I try to prevent stress on vacations, so what do you do?

Please comment below with your experiences and questions.

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3 Steps to Help You Decide Where to Vacation

It isn’t easy to decide whether or not you need a vacation, but it may be difficult to decide where to take your vacation. Meg and I have been trying to figure out where to take our vacation for quite some time.

Originally we were planning a trip to Disneyland, but neither of us have been on a cruise yet so I was thinking that we should do that instead. After looking into what cruise to go on, and when the vacation would be, Disneyland announced they are getting rid of the Tower of Terror in January, so if we don’t go this year, then we won’t be able to go on the Tower of Terror at all.

In addition, we are planning on replacing our old grandma car for a new car that will last us until our financial plan is to the point that we can go travel the world for a couple of years. This creates more complications because now we have to adjust our budget to compensate for the new car and we may have less funds for our upcoming trip.

As you can see, making a decision for where and when a trip will be is no foreign idea. However, we have figured out 3 great ways to making the decision process easier.

Step 1: Identify what makes the decision difficult.

The best way to make your decision easier, is to identify what makes the decision difficult in the first place. For example, the main reason choosing between a cruise and going on Tower of Terror for the last time is so difficult, is because as much as I love the Tower of Terror and Disneyland, I would rather have a new experience such as going on a cruise. If it was just me, I would choose a cruise any day, but Meg is coming too and she loves Disneyland. Most likely she would kick herself for ever (literally, well probably literally the rest of her life).

Step 2: Answer this: When do you have to buy tickets by, and how much can you afford by that time?

Now that you have identified why the decision is difficult, add another factor that should help eliminate options. One way to do that is by looking at your budget and the timing that you need the funds by. For example, to have a vacation in December, we would need to buy tickets, hotel and flight in a maximum of 45 days.

This process automatically eliminated trips that were on my list of places to go but were out of our price range for a trip this soon.

Step 3: Answer this: What trip would give you the most, for the amount of time you are going?

Some places just aren’t as enjoyable when it is only a couple of days, but some vacations allow you to do everything you want to in a short amount of time. We want to spend at least 5 days away from work, but we want to save some of our PTO at work for Christmas Eve and New Years so we don’t want to take more than that.

The best way to get the most out of these three steps, is by going through them with everyone you are going on vacation with. You may find that you have similar perspectives, or completely different ones. Together you can come up with a decision that feels great and you all agree on.

What do you do when deciding on vacation spots? Do you have a process you go through? Please share them with everyone here by commenting below.

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Three Things I Learned On a Last Minute Vacation

For some reason, most of my travel throughout the last year has been last minute plans. For example, when Meg got back from visiting her parents in California, we decided to go to Idaho together and visit her grandparents.

When you are making a last minute travel plans, it is especially easy to forget to do things. Spend a couple of hours before leaving on your trip to do the following:

Make your travel plans around your work

We had a little over a week to make the arrangements and we made it happen. The trip was very, very short. We drove there after I got off work on Friday, then we dove back early Sunday so Meg could work Sunday night. Even though it was a short trip, there were still a couple of things that we had to do to make sure that it all worked out.

Prepare your mode of transportation

If you can take a flight, then perfect that is probably safer then driving for hours. However, if you are driving make sure your car is ready. It can be easy to overlook your car when you are packing, but being stuck on the side of the freeway for something you could have prevented can ruin your vacation.

This is especially true with short trips, because if you plan for a 2-day vacation and 1 day is stuck on the side of the road, you may not have time to do everything you planned on and it can be more expensive then it is worth.

When we were going to Idaho, the car had a couple of error lights on the dashboard and the transmission had been giving us a little grief so we had the system checked before we got on the road. We ended up needing a new tire and transmission oil so it was good that we got it checked.

I was still a little nervous taking the car (we need a new one) on such a long trip, but the system check made me feel a lot safer.

Make plans that everyone can enjoy

It was great for us to take a vacation from home, but we made a couple of mistakes. You see, Meg’s goal for visiting her grandparents was because it had been a long time since she had seen them last and she had promised to visit them months ago.

She figured that we would go see her aunt and uncle as well, which is fine with me, but I failed to plan something that I wanted to do too. This resulted in me feeling like she just wanted me to come on the trip to keep her company during the long drive.

She wanted to visit her grandparents, so we visited them. She wanted to eat at Tucano’s (one of my least favorite places to eat) so we had dinner with her grandparents there. She wanted to visit her aunt and uncle, so we did. She wanted to watch the Boise vs Washington Football game so we did.

It was a short trip and there wasn’t time for much else, but I wanted to do something just me and her. It almost felt like pulling teeth to get her to leave her grandparent’s side for an hour (literally it was less than an hour). She felt like I should have asked her earlier in the day so we could have planned the day around us spending time together. So we were both a little disappointed.

I suppose everything I just wrote could be summed up in three sentences: (1) Whatever your last minute plans are, make sure that everyone is involved in making plans. (2) Make sure that your mode of transportation is dependable. (3) Make plans around your work schedule and talk to your supervisor if necessary.

What do you do before making last minute travel plans? Do you have any stories about what happened on your trip? Share them with everyone by commenting below.

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