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Eye Mask Review – For the Long Trips

One essential product that a lot of people end up buying before a long plane ride is an eye mask because it is one of the best products to help you sleep. Not all sleep masks are equal however, and after testing two different products, I found that the differences are worth reviewing.

One mask was a basic polyester cloth material with an elastic band. The polyester eye mask cost about $2 with taxes. Honestly, the mask wasn’t worth $2 so I am not going review it, I am just going to use it as a reference for comparison.

The second mask  is from Travelon for $10.

Before I tell you my favorite feature about the eye mask lets talk about the overall feel of the mask.

It is light, so you can easily forget its on your face.

The strap can be annoying –  It slides down onto my ears and  it is bothersome to constantly adjust it.

The nose is not a fits-all – my nose ridge is apparently higher than the person it was modeled on so a little bit of light can be seen through the mask if I look down. The light is so little that I don’t notice if my eyes are closed, but it shows that the product isn’t perfect.

My favorite feature of the eye mask is the dome shape around the eye. I have long eyelashes so I feel the dome when I open and close my eyes, but it is still comfortable. Obviously you don’t need need to keep your eyes open when you are sleeping, but sometimes I wake up and it is so nice to control the amount of light that I see – especially when I wake up too early.

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