Thinking About a Vacation to Zions National Park?

I have been to Zions National Park a number of times. It has been one of my favorite national parks due to the amazing red rocks and great hiking trails.

When it comes to national parks, there are a couple of things to rate them on. The basic necessities and park maintenance as well as the lesbian friendliness.

deer spot
Basic Necessities:

When it comes to national parks, this is one of the best kept parks I have ever been to. It has a number of bathrooms with multiple stalls so you don’t have to worry about waiting in lines.

There are water fountains a
nd even shoe cleaning facilities so if you decide to take a walk through the sandy beach of the river you can remove the sand from between your toes.

As for food, it is pretty expensive and the quality is pretty mediocre. There are great places to picnic however, so I suggest bringing your own food.  The picture above is my favorite place to picnic. There are always wild animals around like deer and wild turkeys, it is pretty fun.crossing the river.png

In addition to the number of amenities, there are a couple of hikes that you can’t miss.

Riverside Walk: This is an easy hike and very little incline. There is water at the end of the trail so if you want a
little break from the heat, then this is a great little walk.

Angels Landing: The only reason I am suggesting this hike is because it is more difficult and it has a great view at the top.

I would caution anyone who is afraid of heights, there are drop offs and views over cliff sides so it may not be the hike for you.

Pros and Cons:
If you like chatting with strangers, then there are a number of people from all over the world. On the other hand, if you prefer keeping to yourself then you can do that as well.

Depending on the time of year and day of the week, the park can be super crowded. Lines waiting for the tram can be very long.

I suggest that you bring water and snacks to eat in line just in case it is a longer wait then you anticipated.

TWL_AboutWhat about TWL?

Traveling While Lesbian in Zions National park is pretty good. There is such a variety of people at Zions National park, that people don’t seem to notice or care. When Meg and I held hands together no one even noticed.

We had pizza at Flying Monkey, we always get pizza there. I would suggest getting a couple of different pizzas so that you can enjoy multiple flavors. The waiters were nice, and they didn’t seem to care or to notice that the beautiful woman I was with, was actually my girlfriend.

If you like camping, then I would suggest trying out the camping accommodations instead of staying in a hotel. There is something about waking up to the birds and deer surrounding the camp site that makes it that more enjoyable.

Since this is the first vacation spot I highlighted, I would like some help with making it better. With that being the case, please comment below with suggestions or what you would like me to add to future posts.

Have you been to Zions National Park, or are you taking a trip there soon? Comment below.

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